About SpaceX Companion

What exactly is the SpaceX Companion app?

SpaceX Companion is a Reddit and social media powered application providing detailed launch and SpaceX related information.

Does SpaceX Companion contain in-app-purchases?

No, SpaceX Companion is build by and for Space(X) enthousiasts and will always be available for free!

Will there be an iOS version?

There are currently no plans for building an iOS version.

Will SpaceX Companion work on my version of Android?

SpaceX Companion is optimized for Android Oreo (8.0+) but supports prior Android SDKs from 5.1 and up. SpaceX Companion is optimized and build on the principles of Material Design and will therefore not be supported for earlier versions of Android.

Is SpaceX Companion available in my country?

SpaceX Companion is available in every country the Play Store supports. Translations will be extended in the future.

Privacy & Data Digestion

Does SpaceX Companion collect any personal data?

No, the application does not gather personal data from out the application nor does it require you to create an account.

What kind of data is collected?

SpaceX Companion uses Sentry.io for collecting error reports. This makes it possible to handle bugs in the software for future updates. The data collected in these error reports contains phone type, model and crash details.

How about the notification subscriptions?

SpaceX Companion is using Google Firebase’s notification system which does not provide access to user details. The subscriptions are being handled via Android’s shared preferences.

Resource Usage & Contribution

How does SpaceX Companion gather its content?

The data used in the SpaceX Companion application is being provided by the SpaceX API. Additional information is being provided by the SpaceX Companion API.

Is SpaceX Companion an official SpaceX application?

SpaceX Companion is not affiliated with SpaceX in any way, shape, form, or fashion and is just a hobby project build on Space(X) enthusiasm. All data and photos are property of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX)